UA Authorized Testing Facility

In July of 2013 Plumbers & Steamfitters Local 773 had the distinct honor of being awarded a Certificate of Authorization deeming us an Authorized Testing Facility for UA Welder Testing Events, which includes the testing, qualification and certification of UA members, within the requirements of the UA Welder Certification Program.

As required, all Welder Testing Events are administered and executed by an Authorized Testing Representative and at least one manufacturer/contractor representative.

On approximately the 3rd Saturday of each month, Local 773 opens our Weld Shop booths to UA members looking to test and obtain specific welder certifications in the SMAW, GTAW, FCAW, Semi-Automatic, Automatic and Orbital Welding processes.

Upon completion of welder certification tests, the designated ATR that day visually inspects all coupons. If the ATR passes the coupon upon visual inspection, they are then sent off to an Independent Test Lab for further testing by a Certified Welding Inspector. If they pass all inspections by the CWI, a UA Welder Certification is granted to the UA member. In order to maintain continuity of their qualifications, the UA member (welder) is required to weld using the specific welding processes (e.g. SMAW, GTAW, GMAW) they are qualified for, at least once every six months. The continuity must be witnessed by a contractor representative and documented on a UA Welder Continuity Report form and submitted to an ATR for further processing. (If you need to update your continuity and need a form, please find it under the “Important Forms” section of this page.)

If you are a UA member and would like to take a Welder Certification Test, please call Local 773’s Training Department at 518-792-9157 to sign up.